SerialWedge Utility Software

SerialWedge Utility Software

Devices such as scales, balances, sensors, meters, scanners or measuring devices usually have a serial (RS232) port. Getting the data into SAP, MS Excel, or any windows application is usually a pain. Yet, manual entry is prone to data entry mistakes which could be costly.

Looking for a way to automate the data transfer? Comtrol Solution’s SerialWedge is a simple yet customizable and powerful serial I/O device driver. Easily filter and format your device data output format to fit your requirements.

Comtrol Solution’s SerialWedge Utility Software does the job, and more…

Benefits of SerialWedge Utility Software

– Connect to any device which has a serial port

– Easy to use Data output formatting

– Wedge formatted data to textbox of SAP (or any software)

– Customized printing template to any printer, any brand

– Runs seamlessly in computer background

– Powerful and simple to use!

– Eliminate manual data entry and avoid costly mistakes

– Further customizations available upon request