ATEX Tablet for Manufacturing Digitization

ATEX Tablet for Manufacturing Digitization


Multinational Flavors & Fragrances Company


Operators verify correct materials using a barcode scanner, then manually weigh the materials to the accurate weight according to a formula. A tablet was required for their batching software which would control and guide the operators. All equipment have to comply with Hazardous ATEX Zone 2 requirements. 


Comtrol Solutions supplied the Zebra L10 Windows based tablet, barcode scanner and Mettler-Toledo weighing scale, all fulfilling their Hazardous ATEX Zone 2 requirements. Using WIFI, the scale would send the weight to customer’s server and back to the tablet. The L10 tablet is a rugged model, IP65 ceritified and can endure 1.8m drops, ensuring its durability in the harsh manufacturing environment. The glove and wet touch mode allows versatility and operator easy of use.    

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