Proclip Mounts & Cradles

Proclip Cradles for Zebra Tablets

As a specialist of Zebra rugged tablets, Comtrol Solutions also supply the full range of Proclip cradles; charging and non-charging versions for use on vehicle dashboards, warehouse racks, forklifts, hospital carts, retail counters.

With options such as quick-release,  tilt-swivels and vibration-dampening, Proclip mounts are a trusted brand that will meet different needs, accomodates tablets with expansion backs, rugged boots, access to USB ports and applications that require rear camera access.

Zebra ET40 / ET45 Rugged Tablets
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Zebra ET51 / ET56 Rugged Tablets
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Zebra ET80 / ET85 Rugged Tablets
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Zebra L10 Rugged Tablets
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Choosing A Rugged Tablet For Mounting On Forklifts

Are you mounting a rugged tablet on the forklifts in your warehouse to improve effiency of your forklift operators? Selecting a bad quality tablet could result productivity loss and additional expenses incurred due to repair. A rugged tablet with short lifespan (manufacturer end-of-sale) also results in wasted investment costs associated with the mounting and wiring onto the forklift. Let us consider the factors when purchasing a rugged tablet for mounting on your forklifts.

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Installation of Forklift Charging Cradles

Proper mounting of your tablet ensures the device is mounted at the right position and within reach of the operator. Forklift mounts allow easy adjustment and optimum viewing angle which improves operator work efficiency. Whether you prefer a passive cradle or charging cradle, we provide professional installation onto your forklift. Proper hard-wiring of the charging cradle to the forklift battery allows your tablet to be always powered and operationally ready. Contact us for a free site survey!