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ZebraDesigner Label Design Software

Comtrol Solutions is a Zebra Partner with 20 years of experience in barcoding and label printing. We offer an affordable 2-hour onsite training (for Singapore) of ZebraDesigner label design software. This course covers the tips and tricks to efficiently design a label, including how to link to external databases like Microsoft Excel. Contact us to find out more. 

ZebraDesigner Essentials 3

ZebraDesigner Essentials software makes creating industry-standard and compliant  labels simple, including fixed or variable data.

ZebraDesigner Essentials gives you the tools to:

  • Quickly and easily design professional labels without prior knowledge of barcoding or labeling using our Microsoft Office-style interface
  • Set your user interface to one of 20 international languages
  • Start with a basic template design including text, barcode and graphic objects
  • Use keyboard input, date, time and counter data sources
  • Benefit from the GS1-128 barcode wizard
  • Use one of the pre-designed label templates or create one from scratch in minutes

ZebraDesigner Professional 3

ZebraDesigner Professional software includes a robust toolset that makes creating industry-standard and compliant labels simple, including RFID label design and encoding, providing database connectivity, along with fixed or variable data.

On top of the features already available in the Essentials version, the Professional version allows you to:

  • Easily connect to Microsoft® Excel, Microsoft Access and text files, or use ODBC to connect to other databases
  • Print and encode RFID labels
  • Experience easy manipulation or concatenation of data
  • Customize your labels with simple VB scripting  

ZebraDesigner Professional 3 – 30 days Trial

Wish to try out the professional version before purchasing?