Zebra and Epson Printers

A thermal printer uses heat to create prints on the paper.  It has been increasingly popular because of its print quality, efficiency, and streamlined nature, and is mostly employed in the airport, financial institutions, retail stores, and pharmaceutical industries. 

Thermal printer, unlike many other types of printers, does not utilise ink or toner to produce images, instead relying on thermal sheets. They are also rather common in label printing due to their speed.  Thermal printers eliminate the need for cartridges or ribbons, allowing businesses to save money. It’s also easier to use because there are less devices and software to deal with when using thermal printers.

Meanwhile, a barcode printer is a device that prints barcode labels. Small firms and a variety of industries put these labels on a variety of products for various purposes. Zebra printers, a good brand of barcode printers, offers a variety of styles and functions for different industry applications. Barcodes are often required if your business is product-based. It is usually preferable to own a barcode printer rather than rely on a third party to print the labels.

Choosing the appropriate barcode and thermal printer for your company can save you money and make your operations easier. Should you need Zebra barcode printers or thermal printers in Singapore? Talk to us today so we can assist you with your specific requirements.