Aegex100M Intrinsically Safe Tablet

16-Mar-2023 : Update on next generation Aegex Tablet (Aegex100M)

The Aegex100M Intrinsically Safe Tablet is positioned to be the most advanced, efficient, and rugged Windows tablet, with pending Zone 0 / Division 1 certification in hazardous areas. Simple to deploy, it is the basis for an Industrial Internet of Things platform for hazardous industries, allowing operations to easily begin their digital transformation to Industry 4.0.

Replacing the popular aegex10, this anticipated new generation tablet with 8GM ram and hard-anodized aluminum casing  is expected to be launched in Q2-2023.

Comtrol Solutions is an official Aegex partner and a specialist in industrial tablets, barcoding and printing. View more information on Aegex100M here or contact us for the pre-launch datasheet.

18-Nov-2021 : Aegex End Of Life Announcement

Aegex Technologies announced End-of-Sale for ALL Aegex10 Intrinsically Safe Tablet models. Per Aegex End-of-Life Policy, these models will be supported under current warranty agreements. See the Aegex End of Life Policy for more details. These tablets are being replaced by our next generation intrinsically safe tablet in mid-2022.

aegex10 Rugged tablet

Rugged and Intrinsically Safe

The aegex10TM Intrinsically Safe Tablet is purpose-built for use in the most hazardous zones of explosive environments. Incapable of igniting a spark, this Windows10® patents-pending industrial device allows for superior mobile communications on dangerous job sites where traditional devices cannot be used. Globally certified under the highest standards of safety for some of the most explosive conditions: ATEX/IECEx Zone 1 and Class I, II, III Division 1, the aegex 10 Intrinsically Safe Tablet is part of a fully integrated Windows 10 platform that brings real-time communications and data management to the world’s most hazardous industries, helping begin their digital transformation to Industry 4.0


Screen: 10.1” AHVA Full HD Plus
Resolution: 1920 x 1200
Capacitive touch: Multi-touch
Contrast 800:1
Viewing angle (up/down, left/right) 170°

Operating System
Windows 10 IoT Enterprise

Intel® Quad-Core Atom processor 2.39GHz




Wireless Communications
WiFi, Cellular, Bluetooth

Up to 12 hours of web browsing