Zebra MC Series Handheld Computers

Coming Soon! Zebra MC9400 / MC9450

Estimated availability: June 2024

Soon to be annouced, the new MC9400 / MC9450. With both private and public data-only cellular, the MC9450 can cover all traditional WiFi environments, while also being ready to head out into the field.  The MC9450 is also perfect for facilities with less-than-ideal, or no WiFi coverage due to deployment and maintenance costs. With 5G, WiFi 6E, a keyboard and a touchscreen all in one device, you can meet the needs of practically any worker, any app, anywhere – inside the facility or out in the field. The MC9400 guarantees an ultra-durable and reliable device for any environment, even if that takes you into challenging conditions, such as near hazardous materials (Class 1 Div 2) or cold chain applications. The MC9400 / MC9450 is fully backward compatible with MC9300 accessories and batteries. All existing accessories can be used on the MC9400 / MC9450 without the need for adapters or replacement parts!

MC9300 Mobile Handheld Computer

Zebra MC9300 Mobile Computer

Ultra-rugged, unmatched performance and improved ergonomics, the Zebra MC9300 is the world #1 bestselling Android mobile handheld computer. Also known to many as the MC93, RF Gun or RF Scanner, the MC9300 can double up as a walkie talkie with the pre-licensed PTT (Push-to-talk) Express.

If you need to capture DPM (direct part marking) barcodes, go for the DPM version of the MC9300.  For use in cold-chain applications, the freezer version operates in as low as negative 30 degrees Celsius and is condensation free with freezer rated batteries. The extended 1D/2D barcode scanning range allows barcodes as far as 20m away while the new hot swap battery runs twice as long as its predecessor. 

We understand that your operations are critical and downtime is not an option. Insure your device with the Zebra OneCare Select for a next-business-day replacement policy in case of device breakdown or accidental damage!

The ATEX Zone 2/22 version of the MC9300 (MC93ex-NI by Bartec) is also available from Comtrol Solutions. 

Read this blog to find out why the MC9300 is the world’s #1 most popular handheld computer.

240 mm L x 88 mm W x 189 mm H

765g with battery

Operating System
Android 10

Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 660 octa-core, 2.2 GHz

Drop Spec
2.4m drops to concrete (Standard)
2.1m drops to concrete (freezer)

Tumble Spec
2,000 1.0 m tumbles

Zebra MC9300 Accessories

A comprehensive range of accessories is available for the MC9300 including charging cradles, batteries and battery chargers, repleaceable keypads, protective boot and hand strap.

Popular Accessories:

Single-slot USB cradle, w/spare battery charger; charges one device and one spare battery. Allows USB communication to the device with an additional USB-C cable.

4-Slot charge only cradle, charges up to four devices

Charge only adapter for backwards compatibility with MC9x cradles, the adapter can be installed on any MC9x single slot or multi-slot cradle (charge only or Ethernet) allowing to charge a MC93 device (the adapter does not provide USB or Ethernet communication and does not provide fast-charge).

Why The Zebra MC9300 Is The #1 Mobile Handheld Computer

Commonly known as ‘Guns’, these handheld computers run on Android operating systems and have integrated 1D/2D barcode scanners. With the help of 3rd party apps or the popular iVanti Velocity Wavelink, they are used to improve inventory and picking functions. Handheld computers are also popular choices in manufacturing and retail, due to their rugged design and reliability. They can perform a variety of everyday tasks, including scanning, stock taking and doubles up as walkie talkies (Push-to-Talk). The Zebra MC9300 is the most widely used model in the world. So why is Zebra MC9300 is your ideal choice and the #1 handheld computer in the world? Read our full article here.

Other Models


Zebra MC3300x Touch Mobile Computer

Weighing upwards of 450g, the lightweight and rugged MC3300x is built to last with 1.8 m drop specification and IP64 dust and water ingress protection. Choose between 1D, 2D, standard or extended range scanner. The high performance MC3300 is equipped with a powerful 2.2 GHz octa-core processor and 4 GB RAM with 32 GB Flash.


Zebra MC2200 and MC2700 Mobile Computer

Handheld computers, often known as personal digital assistants, are becoming increasingly common. This amazing technology allows users to carry their work with them wherever they go. One of the most appealing features of these handheld computers is their portability. They are quite compact, even smaller than your usual laptop. Y

Another advantage is that the handheld computer is less expensive than you may expect. It is a cost-effective computing solution for small businesses, schools, and households. A webcam and word editing software are also available on some of these machines. Handheld computers can also access data while the user is on the move. At any point in time, order pickers will receive updated data. This will save a lot of time because your employees will not have to come into your office to enter data onto your office computer at the end of the day. Finally, a handheld computer is an excellent instrument for collecting data on the spot. While your products are travelling through your supply chain, you may track and monitor them at any time.

With the usage of handheld computers, your organisation will be able to provide error-free services. As a result, consumer satisfaction will improve, and sales will increase. Furthermore, increased employee productivity and flexibility will aid you in meeting your consumers’ growing demands.