Zebra Network Connect for Automation

Scanners and printers are critical equipment widely used in the manufacturing floor. Ensuring easy integration of these devices and the programmable logic controller (PLC) is critical. With Network Connect, Zebra has simplified the connection between printers, scanners and the PLC by eliminating the need to use a computer or convertor boxes or 3rd party hardware.  This eliminates vulnerability points, reduces cost and complexity. Network Connect accommodates popular industrial Ethernet Protocols such so you do not need to invest time and effort on the conversion and can seamlessly integrate with Rockwell Ethernet/IP or Siemens Profinet.

Comtrol Solutions is a Zebra Certified Partner for Network Connect!

Supported Printers with LINK-OS

  1. ZT620/ZT621
  2. ZT510
  3. ZT420/ZT421
  4. ZT210 / ZT220 / ZT230
  5. ZD500 / ZD500R
  6. ZD420 / ZD421