Rugged Tablets

Rugged tablets have been around for over a decade. Historically, they have been rugged industrial devices designed to suit specific requirements for durability and environmental protection. Components were chosen to withstand the test of time, just like any other industrial product. Some of the models have been in use for more than a decade. Because consumer items now dominate the market, rugged tablets have absorbed some of the benefits of the high demands. Rugged tablets today have additional features, improved connectivity, and can improve performance while lowering acquisition costs.

Tablets designed for personal use simply cannot withstand the daily operations they will face in commercial, manufacturing or logistic settings. You should use rugged tablets over consumer-grade tablets for optimal benefit. Rugged tablets are designed expressly for the harsher circumstances of commercial applications. Dust, moisture, extreme temperature, and accidental fall onto hard floors are all more resistant to rugged tablets. Rugged tablet POS can improve operational efficiencies and the customer experience by allowing employees to accomplish their jobs better.

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Whether it slipped from a factory worker’s grasp or bumped off a dinner table or your shop’s counter, the tablet will inevitably fall to the ground. A fall against concrete or other paved areas can result in a shattered screen or case, as well as damaged internal components that prompt the device to stop working. Rugged tablets are designed to endure more impact and have drop ratings that show how far they can fall. Drops can also involve falls into liquids, as well as spills and steam, which are prevalent in laboratories, manufacturing plants and restaurants. Moreover, most working areas are prone to dust and other microscopic debris. Commercial tablets lack protective sealing that prevents moisture and particulates from entering and causing damage. Rugged tablets are made with components that increase their resistance, and they have ratings to show how strong these resistances are.

Rugged tablets can be utilised for much more than simply simple transaction functions and payment type processing. Other responsibilities include informing employees about products and inventory, improving restaurant ordering, and accumulating consumer data for formulating targeted marketing strategy or giving out loyalty incentive packages. Consumer tablets rarely have enough random-access memory (RAM) or processing power to allow for multitasking unlike rugged tablets.

When you’re ready to start reaping the benefits of rugged tablets for your company, there are a few things to consider when choosing a tough tablet. The drop rating indicates how far the tablet can be dropped onto a hard surface before it is damaged enough to stop working. For most restaurant and retail applications, experts recommend a drop rating of four feet onto concrete. You may also want to check the Ingress Protection rating on rugged tablets. The first digit denotes dust resistance, while the second digit shows liquid resistance.