Rugged Tablets

Best-in-class Zebra tablets and rugged tablets from 10 to 12 inch display with with MIL approval.

Affordable yet reliable rugged tablets from 8 to  to 10 inch display with with MIL approval.

Bartec Rugged Windows Tablet, with integrated Scanner for use in Zone 2/22.

Cost-Effective yet High Quality Rugged Tablets

Lightweight Windows tablet for use in ATEX/IECEx Zone 1/21

Complete your Zebra tablets, phones, scanners and printers with Proclip cradles for forklifts, vehicles and mounts for use in production.

Most consumer-grade devices like mobile phones and tablets are not suited to handle industrial and field workers’ needs, as they are not designed for the outdoor and industrial environment. Rugged tablets with a large screen, have thus become a popular choice. Comtrol Solutions specializes in rugged tablets and provides some key points for your consideration. 

  • #1: Operating System and Security
  • #2: Durability – IP Rating and MIL approval
  • #3 Workflow Accessories – Hot Swap Battery, Straps, Docking Stations
  • #4: Specifications: Processor, Display, Ports
  • #5: Environmental Considerations
  • #6: Return on investment

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