Zebra & Bartec Barcode Scanners

Inventory tracking with barcodes and Zebra scanners reduces human error, improves data collection, data validation, administration of policies, and reduces the need for manual labour, resulting in cheaper costs and more lucrative and efficient operations. 

Logistics  operations may be made more efficient, accurate, and integrated by using barcode scanners. Inventory staff don’t have to rely on manual counts or decoding handwritten notes since barcode scanners improve accuracy and eliminate manual errors.

Wireless Zebra scanners let you simplify and streamline processes in your stores and warehouses. Because ERP systems with barcode scanners save information in a central database, everyone with proper access can gain real-time inventory visibility and availability, making operations like purchasing and responding consumer questions faster and more efficient. Zebra scanners, when used in conjunction with the correct software system in warehouse operations, can assist ensure that orders are picked faster and more precisely. Should you need barcode scanners for your operations? Talk to us today to learn more.

2D barcodes such as QR codes and data matrix codes are becoming increasingly popular as a smaller 2D image can hold much more data than a 1D barcode. Your operations can be made more efficient by implementing barcode scanning. Eliminate human errors from manual stock count and data transfer and let Zebra scanners help you simplify processes in your stores and warehouses. From handheld, handsfree to ultra-rugged scanners, choose from Zebra’s comprehensive selection of barcode scanners to ensure that your orders are picked faster and more precisely. Need barcode scanners for your operations? Talk to us today to learn more.

DS3600 series is the best-in-class and almost indestructible barcode scanners in Singapore. Dust proof and water proof for use in extreme heat, cold, humidity.

Bartec explosion-proof barcode scanners in Singapore are designed for Zone 1/21 & 2/22 based on the ZEBRA Ultra-Rugged Scanners

Combines hands-free convenience and fast scan speeds to increase productivity

Broad range of scanners for every environment

Pocket-size scanners most suitable for pairing with a mobile device

Featherweight and ergonomical yet rugged to improve productivity in the warehouse


Zebra is the preferred brand of barcode scanners, trusted in every industry. High-density barcode scanners help electronics manufacturers read small barcodes etched on parts. Supply chains rely on Zebra’s ultra-rugged scanners to scan barcodes and long range scanners to scan barcodes located on documents and high racks. while retailers rely on hands free scanners for faster checkout. For general applications. the affordable DS2278 allows operators to switch between a cordless scanner or a hands-free scanner by positioning the scanner in its presentation holder. When used in conjunction with the correct barcode scanners, barcode labels help to maintain reliable, efficient workflows that benefit both the organisation and the entire supply chain. It’s important to know which Zebra scanner is best for you and what its capabilities are.

It’s critical to know when and how to use barcode scanners in your company processes, as well as which type of Zebra scanner is best for you, so you can take advantage of their potential to eliminate human error, preserve resources, cut operational costs, and boost productivity. Here are some ways on how you can optimise your barcode scanners depending on your unique requirements.

Advanced Data Formatting (ADF)

ADF allows customization of data from a barcode before transmission. For example, a simple rule can move the cursor ahead four characters or from one text field to another. A complex rule might be created to trigger an action only if the first four digits of a barcode matches the criteria. You can implement ADF by installing Zebra’s 123Scan utility. However, avoid using ADF formatting when your barcode has more than 60 characters.

Multi-Code Data Formatting (MDF)

Instead of scanning multiple barcodes individually, your 2D barcode scanner can decode up to 20 barcodes at once and transmit them in your required sequence, covering a range of symbologies, specific order. For example, you can output it in the sequence: serial number, batch number, expiry date date.