Networked Formulation Software

Networked Formulation Software


Multinational Chemical Manufacturer


Operators would pick, dispense and weigh materials based on instructions printed on paper. Results were manually recorded and passed to an administrator for input into SAP. This paper-based formulation system is prone to human errors and time consuming. Mistakes were costly, damaging to reputation and often not traceable.


Comtrol Solutions worked with the client to develop a PC based networked solution that replaced their paper process. Data from SAP which included materials, recipes, operator instructions was passed to Comtrol Solution’s software in the master station. This software then assigned jobs to one of the multiple client workstations. Based on precise instructions from the software, operators executed jobs (chemical formulation and mixing) accurately and efficiently  aided by barcode verification and weighing scales. Labels and reports were printed upon completion of jobs with full traceability from start to finish.

Data Exchange with SAP

The objective was to make data exchange with SAP simple without incurring significant costs. Data from SAP included materials, recipes, operator instructions etc. Jobs in the form of XML files were pushed into a customer specified folder . Comtrol Solution’s software in the master station would process the XML file and broke down the data into specific sets of operator instructions and machine operating procedures.


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