Case Studies

Case Studies

Trusted by many companies to provide software consulting and development since 2003. Contact us to find out how we can help optimise your operations by integrating software with tablets , handheld computers, printers, barcode scanners and weighing scales.

case studies

Collaboration with a multinational chemical manufacturer to transform their manufacturing process from paper-based into a networked formulation system with recipe control, barcode verification, weighing, printing & reporting.

Supply and integration of ATEX Zone 1/21 equipment including tablet, barcode scanner and weighing scale to a flavors & fragrances manufacturer for safe, efficient and accurate production.

ATEX Zone 2 wireless barcode scanners with custom middleware for a multinational food manufacturer. Barcode scanners programmed to respond with variation of beeps based on feedback from Scada.

Find out how Comtrol Solutions utilize ZBI (Zebra® BASIC Interpreter) programming language, a powerful tool-set to customize printouts. 

Custom software designed for a multinational food & nutritional company for tracking and analysis of ice cream melting based on weigh.



Custom software for a educational institution’s laboratory inventory management and reporting of petroleum & flammables materials to comply with local regulations.