Zebra Economical Rugged Tablets

Does an Economical yet Reliable Rugged Tablet Exist?

Zebra ET40 / ET45 Rugged Tablet

The consumer tablet is cheap but it is not the ideal tablet for the workplace. Consumer tablets are not built to withstand drops so damages will lead to downtime and loss in productivity. Zebra tablets are best known for reliability and durability. Worried about affordability? Introducing the new affordable Zebra ET40 and ET45 enterprise rugged tablet:

  • ET40: Wifi 6, ideal for indoor use; retail, hospitaliy, manufacturing and in the warehouse. 
  • ET45: Wi-Fi 6 & cellular, suitable for delivery drivers and workers out in the field to use with a sim card.  

Zebra’s latest low-cost ET40 and ET45 rugged tablet is available in 8 in. or 10 in., equipped with a full-shift battery, Wi-Fi 6, bluetooth 5.1, integrated 2D barcode scanner and 13MP camera. Weighing as little as 485g, carrying the device around is a breeze. Worry about dropping your tablet? The ET40 and ET45 comes with MIL-STD-810H certification with 1.2m drop to concrete or 1.55m with an optional rugged frame. The IP65 ingress protection means it is splashproof when used outdoors. So, why incur the cost of replacing consumer tablets when you just need one durable tablet? Furthermore, the optional Zebra OneCare 3-year or 5-year warranty means all accidental damages are covered and your investment is protected for the next 3 to 5 years! 

 ET40 and ET45 Part Numbers:

  • ET40AA-001C1B0-A6 : (8″ Wi-Fi only, 4GB RAM )
  • ET40AB-001C1B0-A6 : (10” Wi-Fi only, 4GB RAM)
  • ET45CA-101D1B0-A6 : (8″ Wi-Fi, 5G. 4GB RAM)
  • ET45CB-101D1B0-A6 : (10″ Wi-Fi, 5G, 4GB RAM)


485g (8 in.), 690g (10 in.)

Operating System & CPU
Android 11; upgradeable to Android 14

Qualcomm SnapdragonTM SM6375
Octa-Core (8): 2.2 GHz and 1.8 GHz


8 inch/20.3 cm: 500 nits, color WXGA 1280×800
10.1 inch/25.7 cm: 500 nits, color WUXGA
1920×1200; Corning® Gorilla® Glass

Standard: 4 GB LPDDR4X SDRAM
Premium: 8 GB  LPDDR4X SDRAM

Standard: 64 GB UFS Flash
Premium: 128 GB UFS Flash

  • Wireless Communications
    ET40: Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.1
  • ET40: Wi-Fi 6, Cellular, Bluetooth 5.1

Rugged Specs
4 ft. / 1.2 m to concrete per MIL-STD-810H
With optional rugged frame:
5.1 ft. / 1.55 m per MIL-STD-810H

Benefits of Zebra ET40 / ET45 Rugged Tablet

Hot-Swappable Secondary battery

Power options keep your tablets up and running over multiple shifts. PowerPrecision batteries provide the intelligence to better manage your battery pool. Get constant power with an optional hot-swappable secondary battery

Integrated Barcode Scanner

Accurately capture of every barcode in any condition. Choose either the standard range scanner or an advanced range scanner to capture items far across the room, the ET40 and ET45 is integrated with scanners by the market leader in barcode scanning: Zebra itself. 

Ultra-high Resolution Camera

Take sharp, detailed photographs with the rear 13 MegaPixels auto-focus camera with LED flash

Double up as Point of Sales

Create a mobile POS or hybrid POS with the Workstation Connect Cradle, Connect Hub and the Presentation stand or NFC tap for payment.

Double up as a Walkie-Talkie (PTT)

Optional Workcloud Communication Push-to-Talk (PTT) Express enables instant PTT walkie-talkie style calls over your Wi-Fi network, right out of the box. Out in the field, optional Workcloud Communication PTT Pro enables PTT calling and secure text messaging over the cellular network through an easy-to-deploy cost-effective subscription service.2

Zebra ET40 / ET45 Accessories

With a wide range of accessories, the ET40 and ET45 ensures you can use you can optimize your tablet the way your operations require. Replacable Internal batteries mean you do not need to buy a new tablet when your battery is faulty. The secondary battery (use with expansion back accessory) allows hot-swap battery operations and an additional 3400mAh of battery life, addiing to the already adequate 6100mAh (for 8″ model) or 7600 mAh (for 10″ model). If you have multiple tablets, organize them with fast-charging charging cradles which also charges the secondary batteries. Get a rugged boot (housing) to further enhance the ruggedness and choose to attach either a shoulder strap and hand strap to it.


Charging Accessories:

Single-slot Charge-only Cradle (# CRD-ET4X-1SCG1-01)

Four-slot Charge-only Cradle (# CRD-ET4X-4S8I1-01)

Battery Accessories:

Expansion Backs for 8” and 10” Tablets (# ZBK-ET4X-8BTRYBK1-01, # ZBK-ET4X-10BTRYBK1-01)

PowerPack Battery for Expansion Backs (# BTRY-ET5X-PRPK2-01)

Four Slot PowerPack Battery Charger (# SAC-ET5X-4PPK1-01)

Stylus and Tethers

Plastic Passive Stylus Set (# SG-TC7X-STYLUS-03)

Fiber Tipped Passive Stylus Set (# SG-STYLUS-TCX-MTL-03)


Rugged boot for 8” tablets (# SG-ET4X-8EXOSKL1-01)

Rugged boot for 10” tablets (# SG-ET4X-10EXOSKL1-01)

ET51/ET56 Enterprise Rugged Tablet

If you are looking for the thinnest and lightest rugged tablet, the ET51/ET56 weighs as little as 570g and as only 1/2-inch thick. IP65 rating and 1m drop specs makes it a perfect companion both indoors and outdoors. Use a finger, glove or stylus on either the 8.4 inch or 10.1 inch touch screen display.

514g to 755.5g

Up to 2560×1600
8.4in. 720 nit,
10.1in. 540 nit

Operating System & CPU
Windows 10 Pro: Intel Atom E3940 quad core 1.6GHz

64GB eMMC Flash
User accessible micro SDXC card slot (standard
supports up to 2TB)

Wireless Communications
WiFi, Cellular (ET56 only), Bluetooth

Ample power for a full shift, hot swap option

Rugged Specs
IP65, 1m drop (1.8m with optional frame)

ET51/ET56 Enterprise Rugged Zebra Tablet

ET51 / ET56 Accessories

Charging Accessories
ET5X 1-Slot Charge Only Dock (# CRD-ET5X-1SCG2)
ET5X 1-Slot Charge and Communication Dock (# CRD-ET5X-1SCOM1)
ET5X 4-Slot Charge Only Cradle (# CRD-ET5X-SE4CO2-01)
4-Slot Charge Only ShareCradle for ALL ET5X Tablets (# CRD-ET5X-SE4CO3-01)
Battery Accessories:
ET5X 4-Slot Battery Charger for Optional PowerPack (# SAC-ET5X-4PPK1-01)
Auxiliary PowerPack Battery (# BTRY-ET5X-PRPK2-01)
Stylus and Tethers
8 in. Rugged Frame with Rugged I/O connector (# SG- SG-ET5X-8RCSE2-02)
10 in. Rugged Frame with Rugged I/O connector (# SG-ET5X-10RCSE2-01)
Expansion Backs with Built-in Scanner SE4770 & Rotating Hand Strap
Expansion Back for Windows 8 in. (# ZBK-ET5X-8SCN5-01)
Expansion Back for Android 8 in. (# ZBK-ET5X-8SCN7-02)
Expansion Back for Windows 10 in. (# ZBK-ET5X-10SCN5-01)
Expansion Back for Android 10 in. (# ZBK-ET5X-10SCN7-02)

Comparison of Zebra Rugged Tablets