Maximum Allowable Quantity (MAQ) Software

Chemical Inventory Management Software


Educational Institution in Singapore


Under the Fire Safety Act, the Maximum Allowable Quantity (MAQ) is a measure implemented by SCDF to prevent the overstocking of PFM (Petroleum & Flammables Materials) in the laboratory. Our client needed a system to ensure compliance with MAQ, while managing the inventory and reporting of chemicals in their laboratory.


Receiving of chemical is validated by a barcode reader and weighed precisely before adding into inventory. Features include checking of containers’ expiry dates, traceability of chemical (supplier, batch, expiry date, delivery date, operator), stock adjustment and managing of (Maximum Allowable Quantity) MAQ to ensure compliace with SCDF, SPF, NEA, HSA.


1. Print bottle or container ID labels. Each bottle or container will be tagged with a unique ID label.

2. Receiving: Software will not allow receiving of a specific compound, liquid or powder, into a venue if the storage capacity at the venue has exceeded the Maximum Allowable Quantity (MAQ).

3. Dispense: Software will disallow issuing from a bottle or a container that has exceeded the expiry date.

4. Stock Transfer: Transferring of bottles or containers from one venue to another venue. Software will disallow transferring of a bottle or a container that contains a compound
exceeding the MAQ at a destination venue.

5. Stock Adjustment: This is for making correction to the remaining capacity of the compound in a bottle or a container after an accidental spill.

6. Disposal: Disposal of a bottle or a container due to expiry, contamination, etc. A reason for each disposal is mandatory.

7. Stock Check: Stock checking of bottles or containers at a venue using a barcode reader.

8. Reporting