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considerations when selecting a ZeBRA printer Direct Thermal vs Thermal Transfer Printing Direct Thermal printers do not require a ribbon thus lowering your long term overall cost. They are not suitable if your

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In December 2021, Honeywell’s Datamax printers were discontinued and required customers to transit from the legacy Datamax printers to Honeywell printers. Datamax printers use DPL (Datamax Printer Language) and Honeywell’s current printers use

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Numerous businesses in Singapore utilise barcodes to monitor their products and inventory levels. If you are reading this article, chances are your company requires barcode scanners to streamline its business processes. By now,

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If your business is in the manufacturing, retail, or logistics industry, you will likely require several barcode printers. These devices will become a critical part of your operations. After all, you do not